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Casanova Towing Equipment

We're proud to be California's Dual-Tech and Dynamic distributor serving customers from all over the West Coast.


The Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift

Equipped with a 5,000lb self-loading wheel-lift and an 8,000lb Ramsey Winch, Dynamic is manufactured for heavy duty jobs. Don’t get caught up on roadblocks, power through them!


High Quality, Low Maintenance, Easily Operated

Dual-Tech's low profile, two-car carriers are available in a 10,000lb or 12,000lb deck capacity and 3,500lb or 4,000lb wheel-lift capacity. It's patented quad rail system is designed for durability and resilience in any tricky situation.

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Toll Free: 800.746.8802
Phone: 310.638.9715

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